Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End-December's Notes.

2011 will be arriving soon.
No target/plan yet to achieve.
Plan to create soon.
We will !
Since we've been gifted a very valuable & precious gift Next year (Insya Allah), So i think we must plan something fresh and new for our "future" (^_^).
Put aside the sad part that being haunting me =(.
All those good,bad,sweet and bitter moment of this year will be our guideline to create new target.
May Allah will guide us through our new journey next year.

Pssst : We are here in Selayang now. new home. new environment. For me, first impression of my new working environment is quite scaring me, plus my tummy will soon getting bigger and bigger every months. Seriously very challenging. I have to deal with bunches of people who doesn't speak Malay nor English really well EVERYDAY. I have to use sign languange a lot to them. Urghhhh... But , apart of that, i still very feel gratitude to Allah for giving me new challenge & job of course. I will learn slowly to adapt with new place, new job and "new body" at the same time gradually.
Insya Allah. (^_^)

Swimming pool area at our place. (^_^)


Madam Amie said...

hai lyddddd...sihat kaaaa? hehehe sukee bebenoo carik umah yg ada swimming pool...... :p selayang tuh duduk mana tuh???? jommm g pasar borong jommmm........ hehehehe

lydiarahayumahmod said...

wwuhuhuhu...kurang sihat la madam.. =(. but kerja kena go on jugak. plus esok kena kerja..wwooohoho

DrSinga said...

macam kat hotelllllllll!!!!

Apizolla said...

doc : kami belum berkesempatan na mandi- manda kt sini lagi..