Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010... Welcome 2011

2010.. to many great thing happened... it will alway be a sweetest memories for us. from 'single' to 'married person'. it sure changed us and teach us how to play our role in this life .

1. Mount Kinabalu [Done!]
2. Mount Trusmadi [Done!]
3. Lata Hammer(Postpone)
4. Broga (cancel)

1. BBQ with SAMAJADI [Done!]
2. Desaru (Cousin's Wedding) [Done!]
3. Kulim, Kedah (Best Friend Wedding) [ Done! ]
4. Moving to :New Home Sweet Home! [settled]
5. Broga Hill (with Bro & Sis) [Done! ]


1. Mount Nuang (with Lil Bro ) [Done!]
2. Ex-opismate Wedding,Jb [Done!]
3. Singapore Zoo [Done!]
4. Chilling Waterfall,KKB [Done!]
5. Mount Nuang ( with Telekom Staff) Postpone

1. Mount Datuk [Done!]
2. Mount Nuang [Done!]
3. Mount Twin Peak (31/7/10)

1. Kenduri Potong Jambul

1. Hari Raya Aidilfitri di Johor

1. Photoshoot with Sis.
2. Career Fair
3. Broga Hill
4. kenduri Kahwin @ Kajang
5. Mount Liang East & West
6. Vacation Fraser Hill

1. Kenduri Kahwin @ JB

1. Lil sis Convocation
2. 6th Anniversary
3.BBQ at Chilling Waterfall
4. Move to Selayang

2011, our journey will continue . Insyallah for this year, our life will be more adventure, more happier, n more lively when our newest member of our family will be born. Exited!!!!

For all of our friend out there, lets pray together for a better life in 2011. amin

- honey, lets be a 'Winning Horse' -


lydiarahayumahmod said...

Thanks for always being there for me dear =). Bersyukur sangat2. Hope 2011 will bring more luck to three of US.

Madam Amie said...

salam.. knock knock.. sihat ke idak? mcm x bermaya and busyy jee nampaknye.. heheheh... take care beb!