Thursday, February 3, 2011


Faces and various mimic before going to home sweet home, Johore.

*Too bright innit ??

*Happy faces

*My forever husband

I still remember how is the feeling when weekend is coming when i worked in Johore last year. Before married, i was pretty enjoy weekend cause i know, whether i will spent my 2 days off at my grandmother's house or spending my passionate hobby with my deary soulmate went for hiking mountain. After married (but still worked in Johore), i was just excited to see my husband whereas, we are long-distance marriage for about 3 months ++. Only 5 days a week of working days. No alternate Saturday nor shift working period.

My expectation of weekend change since i moved to KL. I learn more how to appreciate my weekend. i wish that during my weekend i should spent my hiking mountain at least once a month and window shopping twice a month. Also wish that i can own DSLR camera and have a stable saving for our outdoor and vacations. But we can't afford that uch since i'm just a general clerk. But hey, i'm still feel gratitude because working environment is just awesome and clean. Surau is just near my office where i can perform my pray at anytime and safe.

In my third career, the huge changes just did happen to me. first of all, of course its because of my hormone pregnancy where as most of the time i will feel down very easily. Plus, my working environment is not convenient at ALL. No surau,no cafe,no proper toilet (stink and watery. no cleaner),dirty & smelly environment which makes my morning a.k.a 24/7 sickness become even worst each day. Each day when i woke up in the morning, i will read the qoran just to make my heart calm and decrease my nervous sickness. Yes, every morning i will facing this nervous sickness. i will feel down every morning since i have to face and go through with the inconvenient working environment. Sometimes, i even pray in a car cause i don't feel confident to pray in the working place area since it is too dirty plus sometimes dogs poops are in the working area. Owh, i feel so pity for my self. I do have called Majlis Perbandaran to sack out the dog but still there is a lot of dogs here and there. I think i have to stop complaining bout the upset things right now because, no matter what, me , myself have to be strong to go on with what i have now. People around me only can say, " Lydia, be patient k." . That's all they can say. They can't do nothing but just listen to all what i go through. But, to those who always there for me, THANKS! i feel very gratitude cause i STILL have you to listen to my problems.

By hook or by crook, i have to be strong.

I have to learn to be more gratitude.

During my first job, i wish that i can live with my husband under one roof instead of Long-distance relationship. Then after a couple of months, God aswered my pray. Yes, i got new job and can live with my husband under one roof! Syukran.

On my second Job, for the first month, things seems to be ok. But a months later i feel that i have find a better job to since i wanted to pursue my career in chemistry industry. I feel that it will be worth it if i concentrate on chemistry industry in my career. Plus, monthly income for second job is not meet my satisfaction and can't have stable saving. Alhamdulillah, a few months later, god answered my prayers. I got new job that meet my monthly salary expectation .

So, what is lack for my third job? as per stated above. Haha. plus, i have to work on Saturday. Full day. i think it's not suit for my new "body" at the first week. i feel super tired since 95% of the time i have to walk & observed around the production area. From morning until late afternoon. To be exact, until nearly Maghrib. But hey, i have no choice. Since it is hard to get a job right now ,especially in my "condition" right now, i have to move on. Ya..ya... No choice... Otherwise, whose gonna pay for my car every month =p.
Phew ..letih la membebel. Haha. Doa..doa...& doa... I know Allah will always by my side. I hope Si Dia juga doa what is the best for us and our baby =).

Ok, last but not least, just enjoy the pictures below.....

*No motif. i just love this picture. i captured using manual mode. abaikan deodorant garnier tu

*According to the latest check-up, i was 15 weeks pregnant. Phew. entah mana satu la yang betul. But the doctor did scan my tummy. This time, my other half came along to see the scan. Excited! sekejap tertonggeng, sekejap shuffle kan kepala dia..wuhuhu....
I can't wait to see u baby!

Have a nice holiday pals!

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